Back in 2011, when I was still early on in my photography business, I photographed the Millers - Adam, Darcy, and their little girl, Violet. Flash forward to now, and it was time for some updated photos! Violet is now 5, and Cora June has since arrived on the scene. 

I met the Millers at Lancaster County Central Park on a fairly warm Halloween, and I immediately gushed about their perfectly stylish outfits. The color scheme was so on point and I knew we were going to get some great images. 

We trekked through tall grass, played in the leaves (I've never seen a kid enjoy playing in leaves so much as Cora!), picked our way through a prickly field, made some other words, a typical family session. :) I loved every second with the Millers. It's always cool for me when clients come back and I get to see how much the kids have grown and changed and developed such vibrant personalities. 

I had such a hard time narrowing these down, so ... enjoy an extra big blog post! Happy Friday!

I also need to share a gif of one of my favorite moments of the shoot. Towards the end, we were trying to get some photos of just Darcy and Adam, and we tried to put Violet in charge of keeping Cora entertained while I snapped away. This is what happened after about 10 seconds. Parenthood in a nutshell, folks. 

Thanks, Millers, for letting me capture your family once again. I had so much fun with you! 

- m.