Starting tomorrow (July 18) until August 3, I will be on a trip to South Africa and won't have access to the internet - so I won't be able to answer any messages or emails until the first week of August. Thanks in advance for patience and understanding, any inquiring minds! 

South Africa is a country that has held my heart since I was 15 years old, when I went on a two-week trip with Teen Mania (mixed experience, but I loved the country). I then spent two months there in 2007, in between my sophomore and junior years of college.

I look a little different now...

I look a little different now...

My traveling companion, Bo the Gnome, and I had a transforming time there, and I've been itching to go back ever since. Fast forward to now, and my job at Lancaster Evangelical Free Church in Lititz, PA. Our senior pastor has worked with a primary school outside of Johannesburg for years now, and he's been on several trips to visit the school since he started as pastor here. I've been incredibly jealous each time he's gone. Finally, my opportunity came. We decided to take some of our youth group (11 juniors and seniors) to help out at the school for two weeks. Of course I begged to be on the leadership team ("I have in-country experience and I can be the trip photographer!") and our youth pastor, Arthur, allowed me to come. 

So tomorrow, 19 of us will set out from the church and head to Dulles, where we'll hop on a plane for about 19 hours and land in Johannesburg Saturday evening. 


Farewell, everyone! See you on the other side! 

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