Allie and I first met something like two years ago at youth group. We had a concert one night and I was taking photos - so was Allie. Ryan, then the senior high youth pastor and my coworker, came up to me excitedly at the beginning of the night and announced, "I have someone for you to meet!" He brought me to Allie, who was using his camera for the night (if I remember correctly). "This is Allie!" Ryan exclaimed. "She's into photography too. Have fun!" And off he went. 

Fast forward to a few months ago, when I received a Facebook message from Allie, asking me to shoot her senior photos. And of course I agreed! We went on a little adventure together and found Safe Harbor Park, a nice 45 minute drive from Lititz. It was a beautiful place, and I'm definitely planning on going to back for some hiking when life slows down a little. 

This girl is beautiful, folks! 

In the fall, Allie's headed to basic training for the National Guard. And then next fall, she'll be going to Millersville for early childhood/special education. This girl's got such a big heart, and she is going to do great things! Thanks for letting me do your photos, Allie!