It's pretty rare that I get to take engagement photos of one of my best friends. Since I'm IN her wedding, I can't actually take her wedding photos for obvious reasons. 

These two are the real deal, folks. They are perfect for each other in every way, and they've been on quite the journey together already. I've gotten a front row seat to that journey, and it will truly be my honor and joy to stand with them on their wedding day.

At one point during this session, Lisa asked David what he was thinking about as I had them staring into each other's eyes while sitting on a canoe (very romantic setting, I know). David replied with something along the lines of "marrying you." And in unison, Lisa and I went "awwwww" and started tearing up, and then the two of them carried on being adorable and deeply in love. If I cried during the engagement photos, I'm going to be a MESS in December. I'M JUST SO HAPPY MY FRIEND IS HAPPY. And now to share some of that happiness with you all. 

I just love these two people.