My name is Megan: visual storyteller, dreamer, wife, cat owner, Harry Potter enthusiast, Jesus follower, and world's nicest badass. I was grown in northern Maine amongst the trees and potato fields and currently reside in 2013’s America’s Coolest Small Town - Lititz, Pennsylvania. I’m easily excitable, extremely passionate, endlessly curious, and I’m obsessed with stories. 

My favorite kinds of people are the dreamers, the adventurers, the lovers of life. Creative souls that crave authenticity and deep connections. I’m not interested in stiff, unnatural portraits or recreating everything on your Pinterest board. I love the candid, the laughter, the light and love in its natural form. We were created for relationship; I’m out to make friends along the way in this business! I’m a sucker for a good adventure (I met my husband on the adventure of a lifetime - see 'Mongol Rally'), and I’m a firm believer in finding excitement in the mundane, in the details of ordinary life. 

So if you’ve made it this far and all of that sounds good to you,  I would love to talk about being a part of your story! I fully realize that I’m not the photographer for everyone, and that’s okay! That’s why there’s so many of us in the industry. But if you think I’m the photographer for you, let’s chat. Just shoot me an email at hullo@blackstone.photography or go ahead and click on that "contact" page.

My husband Cameron, doggos, good music, good films, THE SKY (stars and clouds and sunsets, oh my!), Harry Potter, all kinds of geekery for that matter (Star Wars, LOTR, etc), yummy food, nature, adventure, hugs, reading, singing, my raptor kitten - Blue, gnomes, when people say "This made me think of you!", personality tests (Enneagram 6 here!), deep conversations, silly conversations that sound serious, philosophy, psychology, musicals (specifically Hamilton), ... I could go on and on, folks. I'm pretty easily amused and I love a lot.